lunedì 1 giugno 2009

Loch Ness? È vissuto veramente… 200milioni di anni fa

It roamed the English channel more than 200 million years ago. And now the prehistoric monster has surfaced once more - in the limestone of Lyme Regis's famous 'Jurassic Coast'. Excited archaeologists discovered the Loch Ness-style creature on the beach and have spent months piecing together a giant jigsaw composed of dozens of old bones to reveal the 12ft-long plesiosaur. The marine reptile hunted the oceans with a long thin neck and tail, four large flippers and razor-sharp teeth. It existed during the Jurassic period about 150 to 200 million years ago when what is now the Channel was a shallow, tropical sea. The remains were discovered by fossil hunter Tracey Marler under rocks on Monmouth Beach near Lyme Regis, Dorset.

(Daily Mail)

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